Embedded Filesystem                   TKfile User reference

TKfile is a highly  optimised filesystem - well suited for use in cost sensitiv embedded systems.
It provides an easy and comfortable access to user and application data of the embedded application. A seemless integration with TKweb embedded webserver is possible.
Lowest ressource consumption (CPU, RAM, ROM) permits the use of this filesystem even with single-chip 8-Bit microcontroller systems.

Why using a file system ?

  1. Decoupling of data storage and application specific software.
  2. Improves Portability
  3. Reduces SW development time
  4. Easy upgrade of application to Internet-connectivity (Web-, and/or Ftp services)
  5. More flexible and robust compared to “Compiled-In” solutions of embedded html-pages by using approx. the same target system resources (RAM, ROM, CPU).

TKfile Features :

  1. Portable, 100% ANSI-C code
  2. Very efficient and low CPU-ressource consumption, runs even on  8-bit uC systems.
  3. Lean, low memory footprint - approx. 3kbyte ROM, 25 bytes RAM (one file opened for write, one for read at the same time)
  4. Further downsizing possible (No Flash-reorganisation, no delete, no directory services) thus getting the smallest possible file system.
  5. Character and binary File-I/O implemented
  6. Simple application integration due to lean and simple API
  7. Freeing of Flash-memory of deleted files implemented (sector reorganisation)
  8. Flash diver (AMD and compatible) for 8- und 16-bit wide memory access available
  9. Custom flash drivers on request available
  10. Can be integrated within boot-loader software due to small size