Embedded Webserver

TKweb is a highly optimised webserver with integrated TCP/IP stack - specially designed for cost-sensitiv single chip embedded systems.
Standard-webbrowsers (for example Netscape or MS-Internet Explorer) may be used as a comfortable user interface for diagnosis and control of the embedded device/application
Parameters and application data can be displayed and changed as text/numbers or buttons.
Graphical display/control (rulers, scales, lights, etc.) is possible if target system ressources are sufficient for that.
Lowest ressource consumption (CPU, RAM, ROM) permits the use of web based technology even with single-chip 8-Bit microcontroller systems.

Why using TKtronic Web-Technology ?

  1. Use of standard software (WWW-Browser) on user hardware (Laptop, Desktop, PDA, ...)
  2. No custom-specific software for device control needed, thus eleminating cost intensive development, support and distribution of  this software SW - reducing  remarkably the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for the embedded product life cycle
  3. Operating system and hardware independent (User computer system)
  4. Presentation and refinement of user interface from an early project state possible, NO applikation hard- and software needed
  5. Reduction of embedded system hardware cost (displays, keypads, housing/dimensions, etc.).
  6. Reduction of embedded system time to market (use of ready-to-use sw-components)
  7. Easy and user-friendly control and diagnosis/visualisation of the embedded system data.

 TKweb Features :

  1. Portable, 100% ANSI-C code
  2. Very efficient and low CPU-ressource consumption, runs even on  8-bit uC systems
  3. Lean, low memory footprint - approx. 5kbyte ROM and 200 bytes RAM
  4. Includes Http-Server, integrated TCP/IP Stack, CSLIP, standard modem emulation
  5. Easy-to-implement user access control.
  6. Low cost wiring between user computer and embedded system possible (3 wire standard serial cable)
  7. Simple integration within embedded system application
  8. Polled mode version available, multitasking RTOS version on request
  9. Supports HTTP1.0 standard subset
  10. Preconfigured example HTML-pages as starting point available
  11. TKfile Filesystem for efficient storage of target web pages available.